Tater Group is a conglomerate whose reach encompasses manufacturing and trading across the industrial, hydro power, agricultural and banking sectors. We are Nepal’s most trusted supplier of power products and construction materials. Our major service is to provide solutions that enable industries to flourish. Our global network comprises of trusted manufacturers and consumers, earned through 30+ years of quality service and industrial growth. We strive to benefit and inspire vicinity we work in while dominating the market realm by delivering quality products and services. Our legacy of unshakable discretion has enabled us to establish the bonds that keep us at the forefront of commerce.

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Our History Creating History


Years of quality service
and growth

Our global network is comprised of trusted suppliers and loyal customers, earned through 30+ years of quality service and growth. We are proud to be your comprehensive solution to industry challenges.

Tater Group Our Group of Companies

Tater Group proudly presents its strategic business units in the industrial, hydro power, agricultural, education and banking sectors.